Saturday, March 1, 2014

So Let Us Be

So Let Us Be

© Judith Froemming 2014

"god is she
god is he
god is you
god is me…
god is water
god is sun
god is creation
god is fun…
god is mystery
god is free
god is Love
god is infinity…
god is life
god is presence
god is death
god is essence…

I could go on
then you'd see
there's nothing god isn't
so let us be."

photo on feeling — with Martine de NĂ©ris-Haussauer

Open Lines

Open Lines
© Judith Froemming 2014

"When the lines ice up
words freeze before they fall
message sent, not received
communication squall.

Lines open and vibrating
intentions warmly spoken
hearts open to receive
connection remains unbroken."

art/photography by Yoel Tordjman
December 12, 2013 
Just a line
Jerusalem under snow (13.12.2013 - 2.00 am)
night shooting

Found a Poem

Found a Poem
© Judith Froemming 2014

"Found a poem in your pocket
a dance in my shoe
a prayer in your eyes
and Love in me and you."

photo by We Are Human Angels

Either Shore

Either Shore
© Judith Froemming 2014

"The rooster crossed the river
to get to the other side.
Certain of his destiny
he pushed other chickens by.

He struggled to reach the bank
forgot why he wanted more. 
It looked the same, the grass was as green,
saw peace available on either shore." 

photo from feeling

Love Lights the Torch

Love Lights the Torch
© Judith Froemming 2014

"Love lights the torches
for the day
every footfall
shown the Way."

photo by Flower story

When We're Here

When We're Here
© Judith Froemming 2014

"I shall start over next year," 
said the monkey to the bear.
"There is no 'there,' to improve," 
said the bear, from its truth.

"Don't you want a better year?"
quizzed the monkey of his peer,
"Make resolutions to redo 
last years plans that fell through!" 

"All happened as it must,
without fear and without fuss,"
smiled the bear from his lair,
"It is what it is, when we're here."

photo on feeling

The Beauty of Diversity

The Beauty of Diversity 
© Judith Froemming 2014

"Oh, the beauty of diversity,
a gift to this dimension.
No need to cause adversity,
in each kind, Love is mentioned."

photo on feeling

Sail the Universe

Sail the Universe

© Judith Froemming 2014

"Oh, to live in the soft place
where awareness rolls in 
on a shimmering emerald wave;
the mist of collective unconscious wisdom
softens the rocky walls
of the incarnated beachhead
and expands the heart 
to sail the Universe."

photo on feeling

Awareness' Arms

Awareness' Arms
© Judith Froemming 2014

"Me-thinks that maybe a sphinx
might give just one glimpse 
of what the Universe thinks
with a smile or a wink
reveal its wily high jinks
and fill in all the chinks
that send the mind to shrinks
call one back from the brink
share the missing link
and into Awareness' arms sink."

photo on feeling
 — with Petah-Jane Hall

Waters of Being

Waters of Being
© Judith Froemming 2014

"Some think there's a price for presence
floating on the waters of being
moment by moment
raft of now.

As if 
every tree is not a guide
as if 
the suns warmth lacks Love
as if 
breathing deeply is not enough
as if 
every heart isn't pumping isness."

by London artist Ron Mueck

The Contortionist

The Contortionist

© Judith Froemming 2014

"The contortionist twisted
his mind all around
beliefs became thoughts
turned his world upside down.

Thoughts told the brain
what chemistry to cook
the belly rolled over
knees bent and shook.

He was sure his emotion
caused this presence infraction
'til awareness taught, thoughts
trigger chemical reactions."

photo by Healing with Art

Half a Heart

Half a Heart
© Judith Froemming 2014

"Half a moon
Half a heart
What won't be shared
keeps us apart.

Unspoken truth
Half a smile
In the same room
Becomes a mile.

Earth turns round
gifts full moon
Heart turns round
Love now blooms."

photo by Xavier D'abrigeaon

The Gamble

The Gamble

© Judith Froemming 2014

"Tossing the heart
path leads to where?
Rushing to the future
loaded with care.

Goals to be reached
dreams to be rich.
No breath in the moment
balance is ditched.

The gamble for more
pays little for peace.
The reward is here, now
presence, the increase."

photo, street art