Monday, December 26, 2011

Enough Stuff

Enough Stuff
c Judith Froemming  2011

"Wanted more stuff,
got more stuff,
stored the stuff,
overwhelmed with stuff,
protecting it was tough.

Realized it's just stuff,
didn't need the stuff,
gave up wanting stuff,
gave away the stuff,
empty now, with enough."

The Greatest Adventure

The Greatest Adventure
c Judith Froemming 2011

"Life Plays best, when I BE that which I was born for;
that which energizes the heart.
Limiting beliefs about leaving the shore,
lure me, like a ship-wrecking siren,
to dash my 'life's thriving' on the rocks of 'just surviving;'
until I wrench the wheel back toward open seas,
trust the true compass of the heart,
and sail into the greatest adventure I'll ever be...wholly me."

Monday, December 12, 2011

Without Any Trouble

Without Any Trouble
c Judith Froemming 2011
"Peace frees an imprisoned heart,
without a key.
Laughter lifts a despairing heart,
without a muscle.
Forgiveness melts a frozen heart,
without a fire.
Emptiness clears a cluttered heart,
without a shovel.
Breath calms a frightened heart,
without a lie.
Love welcomes a suffering heart,
without any trouble."

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Food For My Soul

 Food For My Soul
c Judith Froemming 2011

If I water you not, 
when your leaves quiver with thirst,
I deny you your growing season.

Your full-bodied greening
is whole food for my Soul.
Denying you, defies Love's reason.

Wholly Meal

Wholly Meal
c Judith Froemming 2011

There is joy in every tear,
there is light in every cell.
There is Love in every fear,
there is heaven in every hell.

There is no separation,
Life is a wholly meal.
There's not one bite it will spit out,
the taste alone, can heal.

Photo by Jenna Matilde

Sunday, November 27, 2011


c Judith Froemming 2011

It can be stuffed in a garage,
a pyramid or a head.
The energetic load
creates weight that is dead.

It's a 'wait' for the future,
a 'wait' for the need;
just let go of the fear,
it's here, Now, you're free!

It's Grrrrreeeaat!

It's Grrrrreeeaat!  
 c Judith Froemming 2011

"It starts with a fall, a stumble, a grrrrr.
The teaching has told you; 'it's not good to err.'

who is this teacher, unquestioned, all-knowing,
who traps the present in effort, unflowing?

The doubt, the fear, the misgivings the grrrrr,
expand in the moment to include so much more.

Love, in one breath, expands and extolls
the fall with the lift, the tumble to the roll.

The tear and the smile, united as friend,
play it together, beyond the no-end.

The journey is now, one can't be late,
and most of all, it's wholly GRRRRREEEAAT!"

Photo by Jenna Matilde

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Red Dance

Red Dance
© Judith Froemming 2010

"Enjoy the beauty 
Of this early fall day,
The invitation to let go 
Of ripe leaves
Of want, desire, need;
Limiting beliefs. 
In this appointed time,
They fall away;
Freeing you
From some non-existent past.
Tumbling effortlessly,
A beautiful red dance,
Playfully letting go.
THIS moment releases your hold
On that which was never meant to be permanent.
It floats gently back to the Mother."

<a href="" title="Red autumn">Red autumn</a> by Titus Tscharntke

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Straw Into Gold

 Straw Into Gold
© Judith Froemming 2011

"We can't actually live in the past.
We can only live Now.
Attempting to drag the past into the present
causes suffering in the now,
because it's only an illusion.
It's not the past; it's the present.
The only way to be at peace,
is to end the war within
and LIVE in this present moment.

The past offers you a wealth of experiences,
to create a Loving today.
Spin your straw into gold.
You're the only one who can.
The best gift you can be for anyone
is to BE fully here, now.
This honors all who have passed before.
Every leaf that falls from the tree
is not the end of the tree."


© Judith Froemming 2011

"This is the Playground
where my Guides,
in splendid costumes, that look like you,
spin, tumble and dance before me.
Regaling me with story after story,
laughing, playfully prodding,
'Are you still taking this personally,
or are you Awake, Now?'"

<a href="" title="Women sitting on beach">Women sitting on beach</a> by Jon Sullivan 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's Your Dance

It's Your Dance
© Judith Froemming 2011

"If you find yourself going 'round in circles,
reach out and grab my hand.
Stretch yourself and dance your feet
to the rhythm of this living land.

Round and free and wide we spiral,
heads tossed to spill our laughter.
Feet grounded by Her clear vibration,
we dance the end of our disaster."

One Celebratory Breath

One Celebratory Breath

© Judith Froemming 2011

Of what?
Where did I get the idea
that my body should not pass?
This incarnation
is about the length of a gnat's eyelash.
It is One breath.
An inhale at birth,
and an exhale at death.
It's One celebratory breath of
All That Is."

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Edible Day

The Edible Day
© Judith Froemming 2011

"I drink in a splash of orange sun juice,
cooled by grass green cubes of ice.
I swallow a scoop of blue iris-cream
on a slice of clear sky pie.

More than enough to quench my thirst
and end my gnawing hunger;
this slice of universe on my plate,
fills me with awe and wonder."

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Loving As Art

Loving As Art
 © Judith Froemming 2011

I notice
I create a lot more joy,
by expanding the playground,
and sharing the toys.

I notice
I create equanimity,
by quieting the mind,
and traveling belief-free.

I notice
I create a compassionate heart,
by Originally Blessing,
and Loving, as art.

photo by Jenna Matilde ç 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

My Calling

My Calling
© Judith Froemming 2011 
The only guru
I'll ever follow
is a simple flower.

Grounded and ascended
in the same moment,
this is my calling. 

Public Domain Image: Yellow roses dew petals by Jon Sullivan

Training The Dog

Training The Dog 
ç Judith Froemming 2011

 If I allow my dog 
to pee on the floor,
 chew up the couch, 
and bite my friends,
 my house will be a mess
 and my friends will leave.

 If allow my mind
 to pee on my life, 
chew up my comfort, 
and bite my loved ones, 
my life will be a mess 
and my soul will grieve. 

<a href="" title="Australian shepherd dog running in the snow">Australian shepherd dog running in the snow</a>
by Michelle Buntin

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

No Regrets

No Regrets
ç Judith Froemming 2011
When a caterpillar
becomes a butterfly,
she doesn't choose the color of her wings.
When a caterpillar
becomes a butterfly,
it is not because of what it brings.
When a caterpillar
becomes a butterfly,
she doesn't regret coming from such ilk.
When a caterpillar
becomes a butterfly,
she knows her wings are made from silk.

Image name: butterfly butterflies wings. Photographer: Jon Sullivan. Picture format: JPEG, picture resolution: 768 x 1023 pixels. Copyright: Public domain image, not copyrighted, no rights reserved, royalty free stock photo. 

Paradise Created

Paradise Created 
© Judith Froemming  2011
This heart
took flight,
because it was ready;
because it trusted,
because it was steady.

Free from fear,
it released apprehension,
it knew its answers
before its questions.

This heart
took flight,
in a still, small moment,
expanding the Universe,
by being at Home. 

This file (sunrise-canyon.jpg) is in public domain, not copyrighted, no rights reserved, free for any use.


Saturday, February 26, 2011


ç Judith Froemming 2011
Two lips
the breath
Immortal desire,
to start a fire!
(the gods 
are definitely 
behind this.)

This file (red-tulips.jpg) is in public domain, not copyrighted, no rights reserved, free for any use.

The Release

The Release 

Ç Judith Froemming 2010

You review
the day from your bed,
and release
the things that have bled.
You preview
the morrow, less dread,
and release
expectations ahead.
You hug
your arms 'round your head,
and dream
the One Dream, instead.
Time to let go
and receive.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lost and Found

Lost and Found
ç Judith Froemming 2011

When I found myself without money,
I learned to share myself.
When I lost my house,
I became a traveler.
When I lost my parents,
...Mother Earth and Father Sky gave me a Family.
When I found myself without a child,
I re-parented myself.
When I lost my job,
I created my calling.
When I found myself without beliefs,
I learned compassion.
When I lost my direction,
I found my Way.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Retreat

The Retreat
ç 2011 Judith Froemming

Five days in the woods,
following tracks through the snow.
Five days by the lake,
...watching sun rise and sun go.
Five days in the silence,
a deep, grateful thrill.
Five days on the One seat,
the mind quiet and still.

Monday, February 21, 2011


ç 2011 Judith Froemming

When you are confused,
lost at seeing,
breath into your sail...
return to

This file (ocean-beaches-sunset.jpg) is in public domain, not copyrighted, no rights reserved, free for any use


Thursday, February 10, 2011


ç Judith Froemming 2011

There is such generosity
in letting go of
not knowing,
The wind sings
a welcome home song
as it dances,
The Dream
through winter trees.

There is such ease
in no leaves.

Every cycle has its
last dance,
final call,
door closing
to let go.
When I am
this generous,
I'm fully alive
in the open spaces
of stillness.

This file (leaf-leaves-streams-water-reflections.jpg) is in public domain, not copyrighted, no rights reserved, free for any use.

Friday, January 28, 2011

When Your Intuition Hits You Like a Train

This post was originally published on the Cirkla blog at

Train by AussieGall on Flickr
Train by AussieGall on Flickr

One day, I was helping a friend move. We were moving boxes from his old garage to his truck. He was handing boxes to me and I was handing them off to the truck. At one point he turned to me and said, “Hurry up!” I remember being surprised by his command. I put my box down, took a deep breath and responded, “The Universe never asked me to rush.” For a second, a stunned look froze his face, then it melted into laughter. We both laughed and continued at a relaxed pace.

“The Universe never asked me to rush,” was my meta-voice. Because I followed my 'gut feeling' and spoke the thought that had clearly popped into my mind, our moment was relaxed and joyful. In The Intuitive Advantage, Kathryn Harwig say's, “I use intuition to aid my life and I have one measurement. If it improves my life, I keep doing it. If it doesn't, I stop.” I would not have trusted this feeling in the past. I would not have had this thought in the past. It was my intuition guiding me, telling me my truth in this moment.

What is intuition? According to the New Oxford American Dictionary, “intuition is the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. It's a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.” There is no right way to receive this information. It's often different for each person. It's like a radio station. My Highest Self or Higher Guidance is broadcasting a signal from the 'station' and in order to pick up the signal, I have to tune into my station's frequency. Only then can I 'receive' the broadcast and pick up the information being transmitted.

Growing up, I never considered myself to be very intuitive. I didn't know that everyone has a great capacity for intuition. I was taught not to trust it, so it went to sleep. If you don't believe your intuition exists, it's pretty hard to recognize it when you meet it. I started to wake up to my intuition in the process of looking for ways to get well. I had severe migraines, allergies, chronic hives and asthma, and was growing tired of prescription medications and dead-end answers to my questions about recovery. I was told to just take my medicine. Something told me that there had to be another way. I didn't know it then, but that was my intuition sending a signal.

Through study and research, I learned to practice a more holistic lifestyle. I started to practice self-hypnosis and insight meditation. This allowed me to focus on remembering who I was and what I came here to do, rather than on who I wasn't and what I didn't come here to do. This self-acceptance gave me the courage to question, re-frame and release my fearful, limiting and erroneous beliefs. It also woke up my intuition.

I also learned how to breathe, again. I learned to shift my breathing from my chest to my diaphragm, which signals the brain to flood the body with relaxing chemistry. Just these two uncomplicated actions allowed me to begin to create an interior calm and balance that felt like nothing I'd ever known before: the ability to end my own suffering. I call this awake. As I began to calm down and wake up, I was able to pay more attention to the signals coming in from my Higher Guidance. I began to pick up these signals. I began to trust my intuition. I began to heal. In Suzuki Roshi’s words, “we pay attention with respect and interest, not in order to manipulate, but to understand what is true. and seeing what is true, the heart becomes free.”

One of my biggest affirmations was an accident. A number of years ago, I went to Germany to study and travel for a month. At the end of a long day of traveling by car, my two companions and I were tired. I was driving and they were discussing how to locate our car rental office in downtown Munich, Germany. We kept missing the address as we circled the block, for the third time.

At a stop light, the discussion intensified. The GPS system kept insisting, 'turn left'', so when the light changed, I waited for a car to cross in front of us, then checked my left and pulled into my turn. A split second later I heard and felt a loud crash. I notice that we'd been hit. I remember asking, 'Will we be alright?' The answer came instantly. A voice in my head said, 'You'll be fine.' I was immediately calm, and felt no anxiety or fear from that moment on. As my senses cleared, I realized that the impact was on the driver's side and I had to be pulled out the passenger door across from me.

We'd been hit by a train.
As I stood outside of our totaled car, looking at this massive commuter train, I remember staring at the train, thinking, 'It's not every day that you get hit by a train and can walk away to tell the story.' While the other two were being attended to by medics, I noticed a woman coming out of the crowd waving a small bottle. She approached the medics, as if offering her bottle, and I saw one of them wave her away. I 'knew' that this was for me. I felt a certainty and rise of energy as I moved toward her. It turns out, she was holding a bottle of Bach's Rescue Remedy. She put a few drops in the glass of water that she was holding, and motioned to a chair that had miraculously appeared (in the middle of eight lanes of rush hour traffic!). There was only one thing to do: sit and drink in the remedy.

As it turned out, we were all fine. The other two had some painful bumps and bruises. I had nothing, except a growing awareness of how good I felt. Not only was I fine, I felt better over the next two weeks than I'd felt in a long time. That voice in my head saying, 'You'll be fine,' was my Higher Guidance. Trusting it allowed me to know that I'd be OK, not just physically, but spiritually, mentally and emotionally. It allowed me to become clear and calm through the whole lengthy process of extricating ourselves from a rush-hour train crash, in a foreign country. It allowed me to extricate myself from a career path that didn't serve my greatest good.

It also allowed me to respond calmly
to one of my traveling companions when she insisted, 'We almost died!' My response was simply, 'And we didn't.' It was clear to me that this was an exit point that none of us took. I didn't know why they didn't take theirs, but it was up to them to figure that out. It was up to me to figure out why I didn't take mine. I already had a clue. My Higher Guidance pointed out that my friends had been given traditional medical assistance, while I was guided to alternative assistance. Oddly, I never met with a medic that day.

I 'knew' this was a sign, for me to re-visit and trust the messages that I'd been getting. I'd been ignoring the signs to create an alternative healing practice rather than a traditional therapy practice. Not sure where to focus, I'd been going back and forth for a few years, taking lots of alternative courses while attending traditional graduate school for theology, then marriage and family therapy. Sitting in the middle of the chaos, drinking Bach's Rescue Remedy, I finally felt clear. I heard the 'voice' in my head, felt the knowing in my gut. Now, as I practice opening, asking, listening, trusting and taking action, I need fewer train accidents to get my attention.

There are many good classes, teachers and books available to guide you in opening to your own intuition. Jump in. It's a great Way to live. Start by simply noticing if something gives you energy (you talk about it, feel a thrill or curiosity, want to take a class in it), trust it. Follow it. This is your intuition, your inner guidance encouraging you to explore this area. If you feel your energy being drained (you feel ill, tired, oppressed or confused) trust this message and walk away from it. Always walk toward something that gives you energy.

With practice, I slowly began to hear my own 'meta-voice of truth' and notice signs from my Highest Self or Higher Guidance. As time went by, my noticings went from once-in-a-while to daily. I noticed that my Guides were so willing to communicate, that once they noticed I was paying attention to a particular sign form, they continued to communicate with this method. It took them a long time to get my attention, so they may as well stick with what works, right? I remain grateful for Higher Guidance and continue to evolve my ability to tune in. I get regular guidance through repeating numbers, coins, patterns, symbolic images and events. It's an amazing Way to live.

Tuning in can begin by creating a simple opening practice. Create your own opportunity every day. You have this same opportunity every hour, every minute and every second of your day. Clear your energy field and prepare yourself to receive your Higher Guidance.

Request for Higher Guidance: Morning Intentions

At the beginning of the day, upon arising, create a practice of opening yourself. Sit quietly, close your eyes and take three long, slow, deep breaths into your diaphragm. Exhale twice as long as you inhale (in to a 4 count, out to a 8 count, even pace). Now, inhale into your diaphragm and on the exhale, state one sentence of your intention. Repeat the breathing, with each statement, until you feel a shift, an opening in your state. Be delighted as you open, ask, listen, trust and take action to signs around you!
I NOW remember who I AM.
I ask for my Highest Guidance today (regarding specific question, if you have one).
I NOW create my life's purpose guided by my Highest Wisdom.
I AM open to receive and understand my Highest Guidance, NOW.
I AM grateful for my Highest Guidance.

Request for Higher Guidance: Evening Intentions

At the end of the day, before sleeping, create a practice of clearing and releasing your day. Sit quietly, close your eyes and take three long, slow, deep breaths into your diaphragm. Exhale twice as long as you inhale (in to a 4 count, out to a 8 count, even pace). Now, inhale into your diaphragm and on the exhale, state one sentence of your intention. Repeat the breathing, with each statement, until you feel an ease, a letting go. Be delighted as you open, ask, listen, trust and take action to signs around you!

I NOW remember who I AM.
I ask for my Highest Guidance tonight (regarding specific question, if you have one).
I NOW release my day to my Highest Wisdom.
I AM open to receive and understand my Highest Guidance, NOW.
I AM grateful for my Highest Guidance.

The Release

You review
the day from your bed,
and release
the things that have bled.
You preview
the morrow, less dread,
and release
expectations ahead.
You hug
your arms 'round your head,
and dream
the One Dream, instead.
Time to let go
and receive.

Ç Judith Froemming 2010