Monday, March 26, 2012

Sweet Signs

Sweet Signs
c Judith Froemming 2012

"Sweet signs are everywhere.
The Rush passes them
for lifetimes,
that there is
to be,
other than present."

photo: Sierra Goodman Wall Photos

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Presence Is In The Flowing


Presence Is In The Flowing
c Judith Froemming 2012

"When everything
seems upside down,
it's right side up
somewhere in the Universe.
Stand on your mind,
a moment,
and notice Awareness
can be experienced
in high and low places.
The hourglass flows the same
upside down
as right side up.
Presence is in the flowing."

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


c Judith Froemming

"The tree reaches out
and touches my face,
her gentle caress
leaves Love in it's place.

She whispers her gift
on a breeze of green,
'My wisdom is ancient
my healing is free.'"

Sunday, March 11, 2012

She Sat Down To Listen

She Sat Down To Listen
c Judith Froemming

"In a land of lovely lies and lazy whys,
icicle streams and embroidered dreams,

She sat down to ponder, to puzzle and wonder;
'When no one slows down and mouths lock in frowns,
do tigers get catty and butterflies go batty?
When hurting is the game, and difference is a shame,
do ducks cause a ruckus, and bears pass the buck to us?'

So she sat down to listen, and in a moment of blessing,
heard, 'All that's mis-taken, returns when Awakened.'"

Photo by Jenna Matilde

No One Answer

 No One Answer
c Judith Froemming 2012

"There is no one box to check,
that includes the diversity of being.
There is no one formula to create,
a life that holds meaning.
There is no one path to follow,
that leads to clarity of seeing.
There is no one answer to still,
the mind and trust the breathing."

Sunday, March 4, 2012


c Judith Froemming 2012

"Eagles, beagles
elephants and cats
never wear
war paint, armored vests or gas masks.

Rhinos, dinos
tigers and bats
never drink
diet pop, booze or processed crap.

Grizzlies, wigglies
wild boars and rats
never rush
to work, play or finish a task.

Muskrats, turtles
ducks and wombats
never forget
to eat, stretch, play and nap."

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tuning Hearts

 Tuning Hearts
c Judith Froemming 2012

"Me, may my,
millions of thoughts a year.
You, yeah, yikes,
illusions of fear.

They, then, try,
judgments of the fray.
We, want, why?
Patient sun smiles, 'Play!' 

Ours, hours, awes,
this moment is free,
to tune our hearts
to present infinity.

Just like the sea,
one sweet single drop,
joins the body of Love,
that will not be stopped."