Thursday, January 26, 2012



 c Judith Froemming 2012

"The tree of life
grows deep roots of Love that linger.
The moon's halo
slips it's ring on her branched finger.
The wind whispers
a warm wedding incantation.
Heaven kisses
her earth in sweet celebration."

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Best Or Worst

Best Or Worst
c Judith Froemming 2012

"On this way, it seems clear,
intentions are inner directives.
To believe it's 'the best of times,'
invites joy or reflection.
To believe it's 'the worst of times,'
invites freedom or invectives.

The choice, it appears,
depends on one's perspective.
Creation has no beliefs,
in a life that is collective,
both simultaneously appear;
it's separation that's ineffective."

Be Your Own Presence

c Judith Froemming 2012

"No matter the day,
no matter the night.
No matter the fray,
no matter the fight.

Release the e-motion
and take a deep breath.
Let go of the notion,
that this is your death.

A breath is a choice
to forget fear's incessancy;
to hear your own voice
and your own presence be."

Quench The Thirst

Quench The Thirst
c Judith Froemming 2012

"Quench the thirst.
Say yes to your worth.
There is no first,
only infinite birth."

Thursday, January 5, 2012

When The Thinker Has Thunk

c Judith Froemming 2012

"When the thinker has thunk
and convinced you of dearth,
spinning stories of junk,
disparaging your worth;

take a bath in the sunlight,
have a talk with the moon,
drink a glass of sweet starlight,
rest your heart on a bloom."