Sunday, February 19, 2012

Formerly Serious Philosophy: A Bun Dance (For Abundance)

Formerly Serious Philosophy: A Bun Dance (For Abundance): A Bun Dance (For Abundance) c Judith Froemming 2012 "The dance of the Universe is open to all. This cotillion debuts a white-hot ball...

A Bun Dance (For Abundance)

A Bun Dance 
(For Abundance)
c Judith Froemming 2012

"The dance of the Universe is open to all,
This cotillion debuts a white-hot ball,
Light moves the hearts of small and tall,
The warm star holds this world enthrall.

Waves dance the Reel, pulled back and fore,
Shining bare rumps dance off tribal lore,
Laughing leaves shimmer in easy 4/4,
Sparkling stars conga and twinkle Amore."

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Way

 The Way
c Judith Froemming 2012

"A note on the wind,
calls feet to the dance.
Whimsy in the clouds,
tells the heart to take a chance.

A smile from a daisy,
lights the way with Love.
A drop of evening rain,
lifts eyes to see above.

A crescent moon on black,
shows the spirit how to grow.
A leaf floating downstream,
calls the mind to let go."

Thursday, February 9, 2012

You Are Invited

You Are Invited
c Judith Froemming 2012
"Fear judges, 
'You are sinful and thoughtless.'
The child thinks,
'I'm unholy and unblessed.'

Fear judges,
'You are wrong and should know better.'
The child believes,
life's a challenge of emotional bad weather.

Fear judges,
'You are needy and in the way.'
The child feels
lonely and can not stay.

The flower shares,
'Welcome! You're the creator of colorful.'
The child paints
the world awake and splendor-ful.

The bird shares,
'You can soar the great sky.'
The child lifts
her expanding heart and takes flight.

The tree shares,
'You are rooted and strong.'
The child reaches out
and invites all to belong."

Photo by Jenna Matilde

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lean Inward

Lean Inward
By Judith Froemming

"Go ahead,
stretch your view of existence.
Check it out,
question with persistence.

Lean inward,
release the resistance.
Be peace,
Love is instant."

 c photo by A Gentle Way

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Heart of Generosity

Heart of Generosity
c Judith Froemming 2012

"She paints her earthy belly,
with strokes of lily and rose.
Colors caress the eye,
scents delight the nose.

She mixes skies of whimsy,
splashed with sun and rain.
Moisture quenches the thirst,
hunger is sated by Her grain.

She spreads Her art to each corner,
with aware simplicity.
The gifts are freely given,
from a heart of generosity."