Sunday, November 27, 2011


c Judith Froemming 2011

It can be stuffed in a garage,
a pyramid or a head.
The energetic load
creates weight that is dead.

It's a 'wait' for the future,
a 'wait' for the need;
just let go of the fear,
it's here, Now, you're free!

It's Grrrrreeeaat!

It's Grrrrreeeaat!  
 c Judith Froemming 2011

"It starts with a fall, a stumble, a grrrrr.
The teaching has told you; 'it's not good to err.'

who is this teacher, unquestioned, all-knowing,
who traps the present in effort, unflowing?

The doubt, the fear, the misgivings the grrrrr,
expand in the moment to include so much more.

Love, in one breath, expands and extolls
the fall with the lift, the tumble to the roll.

The tear and the smile, united as friend,
play it together, beyond the no-end.

The journey is now, one can't be late,
and most of all, it's wholly GRRRRREEEAAT!"

Photo by Jenna Matilde