Monday, December 26, 2011

Enough Stuff

Enough Stuff
c Judith Froemming  2011

"Wanted more stuff,
got more stuff,
stored the stuff,
overwhelmed with stuff,
protecting it was tough.

Realized it's just stuff,
didn't need the stuff,
gave up wanting stuff,
gave away the stuff,
empty now, with enough."

The Greatest Adventure

The Greatest Adventure
c Judith Froemming 2011

"Life Plays best, when I BE that which I was born for;
that which energizes the heart.
Limiting beliefs about leaving the shore,
lure me, like a ship-wrecking siren,
to dash my 'life's thriving' on the rocks of 'just surviving;'
until I wrench the wheel back toward open seas,
trust the true compass of the heart,
and sail into the greatest adventure I'll ever be...wholly me."

Monday, December 12, 2011

Without Any Trouble

Without Any Trouble
c Judith Froemming 2011
"Peace frees an imprisoned heart,
without a key.
Laughter lifts a despairing heart,
without a muscle.
Forgiveness melts a frozen heart,
without a fire.
Emptiness clears a cluttered heart,
without a shovel.
Breath calms a frightened heart,
without a lie.
Love welcomes a suffering heart,
without any trouble."

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Food For My Soul

 Food For My Soul
c Judith Froemming 2011

If I water you not, 
when your leaves quiver with thirst,
I deny you your growing season.

Your full-bodied greening
is whole food for my Soul.
Denying you, defies Love's reason.

Wholly Meal

Wholly Meal
c Judith Froemming 2011

There is joy in every tear,
there is light in every cell.
There is Love in every fear,
there is heaven in every hell.

There is no separation,
Life is a wholly meal.
There's not one bite it will spit out,
the taste alone, can heal.

Photo by Jenna Matilde